I’m misp, I was born in a beautiful small Portuguese village.
Daughter of artists/artisans that use our house as a school of future artisans.
With 6/7 years old, I made clothes for my dolls… and for my friends’ dolls… and also carton shoes, that could be taken off, without ruining them…
With 9 years I made my first skirt… since I was so small I couldn’t reach the machine pedal, so I sew standing…
“When I grow up I’ll be a fashion designer”… but I didn’t have my family approval, because at the time (50 years ago), only an academic career could provide a “profitable” future… So I choose to apply myself to my professional life and my other passion… teaching children… and started a 35 years career as a kindergarten teacher.
In this new part of my life – retired – I feel that is my duty to register all my knowledge – lifetime – pass it to everyone that finds it interesting.
This decision became stronger after participating in a charity project to make dresses for Brazilian children from “Sertão”.
“vestidos de algodão para as meninas do Sertão” (Cotton dresses for the girls of “Sertão”).
In this project, I encounter many people that would like to participate but didn’t had the slightest notion of how to make a dress.
I made step-by-step instructions and patterns that help them a lot.
Certainly there are others that could beneficiate from my knowledge, to start a small business, or just for private use.
… and my son and I, are here to help…
…Every article made will be given to the ones in need (some to thank everyone that help us as well).
Thank you for visiting my space.